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Capella Romana

Cappella Romana

Portland, Oregon

Founded in 1991, Cappella Romana "is a professional vocal ensemble dedicated to combining passion with scholarship in its exploration of the musical traditions of the Christian East and West, primarily music of the Orthodox Church." Expanding from its local base of support in the Pacific Northwest, the ensemble now reaches a national and international audience with its concerts and recordings of Orthodox sacred music - in English and in original languages - that both edify the Orthodox faithful and reach out to the world as musical beacons of Orthodoxy. The ensemble has performed to international acclaim at major venues in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Funded the completion of three new professional teaching models of liturgical singing in English in the form of CDs and printed music. The three models involve three different musical traditions: Byzantine Chant, polyphonic choral music based on chant, and Slavic choral music.

Provided funding for institutional development.

Capella Romana