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Custodians of the Orthodox Churches of Beit Jala

West Bank, Palestine

The custodians' office of the Orthodox Christian Churches in Beit Jala is responsible for the well-being of all the ecclesiastical concerns of the Orthodox faithful of Beit Jala, under the Diocese of Bethlehem of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The Orthodox community of Beit Jala dates to the time of the Apostles. St. Nicholas of Myra stayed in Beit Jala when he visited the Holy Land, and the community maintains a church built over the ruins of St. Nicholas' cave.

The parish includes approximately 5,000 people. Beit Jala is on the disputed border between Israel and the West Bank, and the Israeli military occupies a section of the city. Because of the conflict, many of the Orthodox Christian people in the city have moved abroad.

Provided funding for a multimedia infrastructure project to record and stream church events over the Internet.