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Fordham University Orthodox Christian Studies Program

Fordham University Orthodox Christian Studies Program

New York, New York

The mission of the Orthodox Christian Studies Program at Fordham University is to "provide a venue for the academic study of Eastern Orthodox Christianity that is enriching not only for students and faculty, but for the Orthodox and non-Orthodox communities in New York and around the country."

Helped to sponsor the 2006 and 2008 installments of the Orthodoxy in America lecture series. This annual lecture series is the largest of its kind and only one housed in a university setting. The 2006 speaker was Dr. Albert Raboteau, an African-American Orthodox professor from Princeton University. The 2008 speaker was Dr. Susan Ashbook-Harvey, professor of Religious Studies at Brown University, who specializes in late antique and Byzantine Christianity, with Syriac studies as her particular area of interest.

Download Dr. Raboteau's 2006 Orthodoxy in America lecture.

Provided funding for the June 2013 conference, "Democracy, Christianity and the Shadow of Constantine."

Provided funding for a convocation of Orthodox Christian scholars in anticipation of the global Great and Holy Council to be held in 2018.

Provided funding for a project to produce public programming celebrating Orthodox Christian visual and performing arts traditions, such as Byzantine art, architecture, and chant with a particular emphasis on sacred art and music.