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Gospel Light Worldwide

Gospel Light Worldwide

Ventura, California

Gospel Light Worldwide is an international Christian organization which produces Bible curriculum for children in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It has worked with the Orthodox Churches in Armenia, Albania, Bosnia, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Romania, Poland, and Russia. In all cases, it works with local churches and sends no Western missionaries into countries. The organization only works in a country when it has been invited by the local church, and when the curriculum materials are completed, it turns over all copyrights to the local church. The curriculum materials produced for Orthodox students are written by Orthodox Christians and are consistent with the teachings of the Orthodox Church.

Provided funding for the production of youth Bible curriculum for the Orthodox Church of Poland. This program has been endorsed by Metropolitan Sawa of Poland. Two books have already been published, and the organization aims to produce a complete set of books for a 12-year education program.