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Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

Hollywood, California

Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM) is the official prison ministry of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA).

Funded the establishment of the administrative office for this ministry.

Funded the establishment of a prison aftercare program, and provided ongoing support

Funded a program for institutional board development, strategic planning and capital campaign development.

Funded the production, distribution, and/or revision of the following books and booklets:

  • Orthodox Christian Journey: Book 1
  • Orthodox Christian Journey: Book 2: Orthodox Catechism - A Basic Instructional Guide to the Orthodox Christian Faith
  • Self-Directed Study Course, a companion to Book 2
  • Orthodox Christian Journey: Book 3: Orthodox Christian Prayer Book - A Service Guide of the Ancient Orthodox Christian Faith
  • Orthodox Christian Journey: Book 4: Orthodox Christian Readings - A Selection of 366 Readings on the Ancient Christian Faith
  • Prison Ministry Training Guide (formerly titled How to Establish a Jail and Prison Ministry) by Father Duane Pederson
  • Beliefs and Practices: Traditional Beliefs and Practices of the Ancient Christian Faith
  • Prayers for Today: Traditional Morning and Evening Prayers of the Ancient Christian Faith
  • Fasting and Great Lent: Traditional Guidelines for Observing Great Lent of the Ancient Christian Faith

Funded the production and distribution of 50,000 St. Michael the Archangel icon cards for distribution to prisoners and the public.

Funded the purchase and distribution to prisoners across America of 100 sets of a 12-tape video series on the Orthodox Christian Faith.