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St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

Crestwood, New York

St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary is an Orthodox Christian seminary located in Crestwood, New York in the United States. Although it is under the omophorion of the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America, the Seminary is governed by a board composed of Orthodox Christians from many different jurisdictions. It provides theological education to students from Orthodox Christian jurisdictions worldwide.

LibraryAssisted with funding for construction of a new Seminary library and endowment enhancement. The reading room of the Seminary library is named in honor of the Foundation.

Funded the production of four educational video tapes on the Orthodox Christian Church:

  • Mary: Icon of Human Perfection (Fr. Thomas Hopko)
  • The Holy Trinity (Fr. Thomas Hopko)
  • The Death of Christ (Fr. Paul Tarazi)
  • The Resurrection of Christ (Fr. Paul Tarazi)

Sponsored the Seminary's 1995 Octet Choir Summer Tour.

Funded the development of the Seminary's website in order to promote Orthodox Christianity. At the time it was one of the only Orthodox Christian websites on the Internet.

Funded video tape productions of the Seminary's Liturgical Institute of Music and Pastoral Practice -- 8 video tapes on the topic, "The Church."

  • The Church of Christ (Fr. Thomas Hopko)
  • The Church and the Liturgy (Fr. Thomas Hopko)
  • The Church and Salvation (Fr. Thomas Hopko)
  • The Church and the New Testament: Part 1 (Fr. Paul Tarazi)
  • The Church and the New Testament: Part 2 (Fr. Paul Tarazi)
  • Reception of Converts (Fr. John Erickson)
  • The Church and the Canons (Fr. John Erickson)
  • The Church, the Priest, and the Parish (Fr. John Erickson)

Funded the production of a student recruitment video.

Funded the publication of the collected works of The Inner KingdomMetropolitan Kallistos Ware (four volumes).

  • Volume 1: The Inner Kingdom (published in 2000)
  • Volumes 2-4: (forthcoming)

Assisted with the funding of the married student on-campus housing construction project.

Provided funding for upgrades to the SVS Press and SVS Bookstore websites and software.

Provided funding to digitize 500 audio cassettes with recordings of significant church figures and seminary faculty from the 20th century.