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Trust of St. Francis and St. Seraphim

Cambridge, England

Based in England, the Trust of St. Francis and St. Seraphim operates the "Spiritual Inheritance of Sarov" program. During the Soviet period, Sarov was a closed city used for nuclear research, and the nearby Diveyevo convent was forcibly closed by the Communist government. The goal of this project is to document, before it is too late, the firsthand accounts of people whose lives were touched by St. Seraphim in this period, particularly those who lived near Sarov and Diveyevo and preserved the memory of St. Seraphim in spite of the atheist regime. The project also aims to preserve and make available documents and archives from the region which relate to St. Seraphim and the monasteries. In many cases, these documents are at risk of physical deterioration, so timely preservation is essential.

Funded the production of a promotional video for the "St. Seraphim and the Spiritual Inheritance of Sarov" project.

Provided funding for The Living Testimony Program and the establishment of an institutional development program.

Funded the purchase of the facility to house the Center for St. Seraphim Studies in Diveyevo, Russia.